The Shouldering of Pistols- What Are My Options?

In April of 2017 the ATF changed its position on “shouldering” pistols, to allow shooters to “shoulder” their pistol. Prior to this the ATF letter issued in 2015 deemed the “shouldering” of pistols to be unlawful and a federal offense. Although I am unaware of anyone formally charged with such a crime, it certainly dissuaded folks from doing anything remotely close to “shouldering” their pistols for fear of reprisal. Now that we are allowed to shoulder these pistols there is still much to be desired.

Regardless of the intent of design, we all know how these can be used in a fashion similar to that of an SBR, but the latest ATF letter leaves a wide interpretation that does lean towards that of the shouldering-pistol owner. Now that we have a relative green-light to “shoulder” we have a couple options as AR/ AK/ FAL/ Sig/ CZ etc. pistol owners to accessorize with. Pistol owners have two options to effectively “shoulder,” they can either use the pistol braces or the PSD (Pistol Storage Device), lets examine them.

Most accessories for pistol buffer tubes are “pistol braces” these are designed to assist the shooter in maintaining stability and control of the firearm. These pistol braces are not very comfortable, one is bulky and moves all over the pistol buffer tube, while another is very hard and rigid with a narrow edge that digs into the shooters shoulder. Neither of theses items are very good at providing a suitable and comfortable “shouldering” of the pistol, but that wasn’t their intent.

The Pistol Storage Device (PSD) from Pistol Mounted Solutions is not a brace, but a unique patented storage device that has been approved by the ATF to NOT turn your pistol into a short-barreled rifle. The PSD securely holds almost any magazine (from 308-9mm & everything in between) that firmly attaches to almost every size pistol buffer tube, eliminating need for a proprietary tube size and allowing the user to position and configure the PSD anyway they deem beneficial. The PSD isn’t limited to magazines; it will hold slings, tourniquets and almost any other similar sized accessory you want. Even the amount of tension can be adjusted for whatever item/ items you store in the PSD. The shape of the PSD tapers out on the buffer-tube to provide the shooter a stable and comfortable cheek-weld. The PSD also used friction and tension to remain static on the buffer-tube to provide the shooter with shot after shot consistency. The cross-section at the rear of the PSD is approximately ¼” thicker than the magazine it stores helps disperse recoil or pressure that occurs from firing or driving the weapon into the body based on shooter preference.

Based on that info, the PSD seems to be the logical choice for any AR pistol guy or girl. The PSD offers much more to the shooter than any of the braces, comfort, function and shot to shot consistency. The PSD won’t break the bank either, $59.99 MSRP beats most of the braces and definitely a tax stamp. Given the comfort, looks and functionality of the PSD you might want to give it a try.