Why Shoot an AR Pistol?

Either you have an AR pistol or you don’t. I am going to illustrate reasons why you should have one if you do not already and tell you about some solutions that you might not be aware of in the AR pistol market.

There are many reasons why shooters should look into the purchase of an AR pistol if they have not done so yet. And yes, I know that many of you will just SBR your lower and take it from there, but since the ATF redefined the process for obtaining any NFA item like an Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) in June of 2016, it has become more tedious of a process for many of us. So what does that have to do with AR pistols you say? It has a lot to do with AR pistols, starting with why we buy SBR’s. We buy SBR’s for many reasons, superior ballistic performance, and lots of power in a small package, they look cool, and we’re American!

One can argue that all the benefits of an SBR can be had with an AR pistol. I agree, but conditionally. Yes, the AR-pistol has the same ballistics as an SBR. Yes, the size of an AR pistol is almost identical to an SBR. Maybe, the AR pistol will look cool, and that is where the new Pistol Storage Device (PSD) from Pistol Mounted Solutions comes in.

When compared to Pistol braces the PSD is superior. The PSD can fit almost any pistol buffer tube and can be adjusted to desired length for optimal fit to shooter, unlike any pistol brace. The ATF has ruled that the PSD does not change the classification of a pistol into an SBR. The retention system of the PSD to the pistol keeps the PSD from sliding or rotating on the pistol buffer tube like most pistol braces. Although some braces are “adjustable” they rely on a sharp screw that damages the finish of the buffer tube and has very little retention strength when compared to the PSD. The PSD is not a brace it can be configured to hold almost any commercially made magazine (except for 50 BMG) it will hold everything from 308 magazines to 9 mm pistol magazines. The PSD is also contoured to give the shooter a solid cheek-weld and with a wide rear cross section offers shooters a comfortable solution when “shouldering” their pistol, and in my opinion the PSD does look cool.

So if you buy an AR pistol today and install a PSD here are the advantages:

  • You can have SBR ballistics
  • SBR cool looks
  • Keeping an extra magazine on the gun (I prefer the 10-rounders to keep the “cool look”)
  • You can own it in all 50 sates
  • No waiting on the ATF to “Approve” you
  • Comfort of a rifle
  • Saving $200 by not having to purchase a Federal tax-stamp
  • No waiting period for most states