Why to Buy an AR Pistol?

It is apparent that in the firearms world there are two types of people those that like AR pistols and those that HATE them. Let’s dissect this and go over the pros and cons, but be advised I am writing this as a former hater and now believer.

First we need to define what an AR pistol is, I will do this as clearly and concisely as I can. Basically an AR pistol is an AR-15 rifle with a barrel shorter than 16 inches, also known as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). The AR pistol has one unique feature that DOES differentiate it from its cousin the SBR, and that is that the AR pistol IS without the stock, AND without the carbine/ rifle buffer-tube. Please note well, as far as the ATF is concerned the mere installation of a carbine / rifle buffer-tube on an AR pistol will change the classification of the pistol to an SBR, regardless is a stock is installed on that tube.

Now that we have covered that, when AR pistols first hit the market they just had a buffer-tube and no apparatus on the tube. These were the original AR pistols that were a decaf solution for those not wanting to spend the time and money to pursue the SBR route, or those living in states that forbid the possession of a SBR. I believe this is what really polarized the way people felt about the AR pistol, you had a firearm that was neither fish nor fowl, meaning; it shot rifle bullets but offered no solution to mitigate rifle-caliber recoil, or stability to assure a steady shot when fired. At this stage in the game the deck was stacked against the AR Pistol.

Several years ago the advent of braces put some fuel in the tank of the AR pistol market, but these braces left a lot to be desired- they fit awkwardly, rotated and collapsed forward on the tube when shouldered and really weren’t aesthetically pleasing. Despite all that he brace was a clever solution to the aforementioned problems the initial AR pistols had.

The gas rapidly ran out of the AR pistol tank when the ATF issued an edict across the kingdom that the brace was not to be shouldered, as this offended the crown (I’m kidding- this is America and we BREXITed in 1776). This left a lot of folks afraid to own or shoot their AR pistol. Interestingly enough, to my knowledge, no one was ever prosecuted for “shouldering.”

Recently the ATF has rescinded this edict and now “shouldering” is allowed. So now the “shouldering” use of a brace or storage device is acceptable and opens up the potential of the AR pistol platform. In other words the AR pistol is really the poor-man’s or clever-man’s, SBR. Now that we are able to “shoulder” our pistols there is no better time to buy an AR pistol and slap on the next generation of pistol apparatus, and that is the Pistol Storage Device.

Please reference the Pistol Storage Device review for all the specs and info on why this product outperforms any and all pistol braces and is an elegant solution and potential reason for the naysayers to come over to the AR pistol side of the fence.